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Scottish Brewing Archive

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About the SBA

The Scottish Brewing Archive (SBA) was established in 1982 to collect and preserve the records of the brewing industry in Scotland. With the help of Scotland’s brewery companies several thousand volumes of records and books have been deposited, as well as a large collection of advertisements, ephemera and machinery.

The Archive also holds a collection of rare printed volumes, primarily concerned with the science of brewing, which dates back to the late 18th century. While the records are held in the Archive they are cleaned, listed, stored in approved conditions of temperature and humidity, and made available to readers in the public search room.

The Scottish Brewing Archive reflects all aspects of the brewing industry in Scotland - historical, scientific, economic, social, technological and political. The companies represented in the collection read like a roll–call of the most famous names in Scottish brewing past and present. For example, Aitken’s of Falkirk, Fowlers of Prestonpans, Bernard's of Edinburgh, and George Youngers of Alloa are all included as well as today's brewers, Belhaven, Scottish Brewers, Alloa Brewery Co., Scottish and Newcastle, and Tennent Caledonian.