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NHS Greater Glasgow
and Clyde Archives

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Q. Do you have any information on current NHS Greater Glasgow Board projects, policies and publications?

For information on current NHS Greater Glasgow Board policy and publications, please visit the NHS Greater Glasgow Board website.

Q. What records do you hold?

The records of patient care and of hospital administration from the foundation of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 1794. Further details on the collections held are available.

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Q. I am doing a Standard Grade history project. What are the best sources of information?

The information required for most projects can be found in books. The following ones have proved particularly helpful.

  1. Chalmers, A. K.; Health of Glasgow, 1818-1925, Glasgow Corporation, 1930.
  2. Checkland, Olive, and Lamb, Margaret (editors); Health Care as Social History. The Glasgow case, Aberdeen University Press, 1982. Appendices I and II are particularly helpful for information about epidemics and health measures.
  3. Dow, Derek; Rottenrow. History of Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital, 1834-1984, Parthenon Press, 1984.
  4. Hamilton, David; Healers. History of medicine in Scotland, Canongate, 1981. Chapters 5-7 are the only ones relevant to most S Grade investigations.
  5. Jenkinson, Jacqueline, Moss, Michael, and Russell, Iain; History of Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 1794-1994, Glasgow Royal Infirmary NHS Trust, 1994.
  6. Macgregor, Sir Alexander; Public Health in Glasgow, 1905-1946, E and S Livingstone, 1967.
  7. McLachlan, Gordon (editor); Improving the Common Weal. Aspects of the Scottish Health Services, 1900-1984, Edinburgh University Press, 1987.
  8. Slater, S. D., and Dow, D. A.; Victoria Infirmary of Glasgow, 1890-1990. Centenary history, Victoria Infirmary Centenary Committee, 1990.

You will not have sufficient time to read all of the books recommended above. You should consider carefully which parts of which books are relevant to your investigation. You should ask your teacher for advice, especially if you have problems.

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Q. I am tracing my family tree. Can I use hospital records to find out more?

If you already have some reliable and precise information, e.g. if your Great Grandmother’s death certificate shows she died in Glasgow Royal Infirmary or the census returns show that she was a nurse at Glasgow Royal Lunatic Asylum, then we may be able to provide some additional information.

Q. I believe that you hold records which would be useful for my research. How do I go about getting access to them?

Get in touch with the NHSGCB Archivist first. The records are stored in the Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow (near Charing Cross railway station) in space leased from Glasgow City Council. The staff of Glasgow City Archives do not have access to the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Archives. So it is essential to make an appointment.